Dr. Paul Newman

Paul Newman D.V.M. - Midstate Veterinary Surgeon

My name is Paul Newman and I have been providing mobile veterinary surgical services to over 35 hospitals in middle Tennessee since 2003. Before that, I owned and operated six veterinary hospitals and two kennels in California while providing my surgical expertise to the group of hospitals. Although I am not board certified, I did complete an intensive fifteen month post-doctoral private practice internship program and continued that training under five board certified specialists by working for an additional three years at that teaching facility. I learned many of my skills and procedures through one on one training with boarded surgeons in the Southern California area where I did mobile surgery before coming to Franklin, TN. I have also completed dozens of single procedure wet-labs and weekend seminars learning new skills and procedures including Linear and Hybrid External Fixators, Locking Plate Techniques, and even Total Hip Replacement most recently.

I have an extensive inventory of state of the art surgical equipment and supplies that I bring to your veterinarian's hospital when I come to operate on your patient. I utilize a mobile veterinary surgery hospital (MASH) which has a state of the art operating suite, extensive patient monitoring, warming, digital radiology, HEPA filter, and defibrillator. My scrub nurses, Stormie or Shandell, who are an experienced veterinary technicians, do the patient preparation and monitoring. We utilize advanced anesthetic monitoring equipment, patient warming devices, and return patient care to your doctor's staff upon completion of the procedure. Written treatment and go home instructions are then provided before we leave the hospital. I am a veterinarian with a "special interest" in surgery and if you want and can afford a board certified surgeon, there are two facilities in the Nashville area to choose from. I, in no way, represent myself as a surgical "specialist", only someone who has advanced training, am mobile and well equipped, and has the competency and experience to do many challenging surgical procedures that are out of the comfort zone of many general practitioners.

In choosing a surgeon, you should take into account both credentials and experience. I have been doing advanced surgical procedures for over twenty eight years and attend only surgical seminars and wet labs for my continuing education. I have extensive local references, most of whom have been using my services regularly for many years. I am proud to say that my results and outcomes are excellent with virtually all fractures healing well and a complication rate well below the industry standard of 3%. Over 95% of all my slipped disc laminectomy surgeries recover to full ambulation and my hip and cruciate, and patella luxation patients have outstanding results. I have done over seven hundred back surgeries in my career and well over a thousand ACL repairs.

I am also offering the newest procedure for treating cruciate rupture in larger dogs called Tightrope which is less expensive than TPLO and TTA and has significantly less complications and similar or better outcomes.

Please feel free have your veterinarian contact me to discuss any surgical procedure your pet may need. You may also email me directly, but your veterinarian must call to schedule any procedure.


Paul M. Newman, D.V.M.
Midstate Veterinary Surgeon

Meet Dr. Newman

Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital

Dr. Newman purchased the mobile veterinary surgery hospital (MASH) truck in 2010 and has been utilizing this state of the art veterinary operating suite on wheels. It has a state of the art operating suite, extensive patient monitoring, warming, digital radiology, HEPA filter, and defibrillator. The truck was built ten years ago and was JAYCO certified for human foot surgery before being purchased by Dr. Newman and converted into a small animal facility.

MASH Truck Open For Business
MASH Truck Ready For Operation!

Surgical Nurse

Stormie Newman

Stormie Newman - Surgical Technician

Stormie Newman is Dr. Newman's wife and has been assisting him in surgery for ten years and has the same tasks as Andi.

Stormie also owns a company called Vision Homes and Investments and when she is not working with Paul in the surgical business, she is buying, selling and redeveloping property.

Additionally, Stormie is an inspirational speaker and musician and travels quite often to speak and sing at conferences and special events.

Driver, Assistant Surgical Nurse, Equipment Engineer

Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman - Driver

Chris is thirty-one years old with a diverse professional experience including agriculture, finance, and transportation/logistics management. Chris also loves animals, enjoys his M.A.S.H. family, and is excited about their future endeavors together.

Chris' pastimes include watching science fiction, canoeing, hiking and camping, reading, relaxing with friends, and cuddling his girlfriend.

Additionally, Chris' miniature poodle, Sammy Davis Jr., is his favorite little buddy!