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Dec 1, 2023

About Premier Horse Med

Premier Horse Med is a leading online platform catering to the needs of horse owners, trainers, and enthusiasts. We provide a wide range of equine healthcare solutions, including veterinary services, top-quality horse equipment, and information on horse racing. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted source in the industry.


We understand the importance of proper veterinary care for the well-being of your horses. At Premier Horse Med, we partner with experienced and licensed veterinarians who specialize in equine health. These professionals have years of expertise in diagnosing and treating various equine conditions. They are dedicated to promoting the health and performance of your horses.

Comprehensive Veterinary Services

Our network of veterinarians offers a wide range of services, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, lameness evaluations, reproductive services, and emergency care. You can rely on them for accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and compassionate care for your beloved horses.

Latest Medical Innovations

The veterinarians we collaborate with stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in equine medicine. They utilize cutting-edge techniques and technologies to provide the best possible care for your horses. From diagnostic imaging to advanced surgical procedures, our veterinarians ensure that your horses receive the highest standard of medical treatment.

Horse Equipment Shops

At Premier Horse Med, we understand the importance of high-quality equipment for the performance and well-being of horses. We have partnered with reputable horse equipment shops to offer a wide range of products designed to meet the unique needs of horse owners and professionals.

Premium Horse Equipment

Our affiliated shops provide top-notch horse equipment, including saddles, bridles, grooming supplies, hoof care products, blankets, and protective gear. All products are carefully selected to ensure durability, comfort, and performance. We believe in providing only the best options to our customers, allowing them to enhance their horses' capabilities and provide optimal care.

Expert Guidance

We understand that choosing the right horse equipment can be overwhelming. That's why our affiliated shops offer expert guidance to help you make informed decisions based on your horse's specific needs, discipline, and size. Whether you are a novice owner or a professional trainer, our partners are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect equipment to maximize your horse's potential.

Horse Racing

For those passionate about horse racing, Premier Horse Med is the ultimate destination for information, resources, and products to support your racing endeavors. We are committed to promoting the sport and ensuring horse racing enthusiasts have access to a wealth of knowledge and a comprehensive range of high-quality products.

Stay Informed

Our platform offers a hub of information related to horse racing. You can find the latest news, race schedules, race previews, and insightful articles written by industry experts. Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the racing world and get insider tips to enhance your betting strategies or simply submerge yourself in the excitement of this thrilling sport.

Superior Racing Products

At Premier Horse Med, we offer a curated selection of racing products designed to meet the unique demands of trainers and racehorse owners. From high-performance supplements to state-of-the-art training equipment, our online store has everything you need to optimize your horse's potential on the track.

Order ITPP Paste & Myo-inositol for Superior Performance

Looking to enhance your horse's performance? Look no further than Premier Horse Med's online store. We proudly offer ITPP paste and Myo-inositol, two exceptional products known for their ability to improve endurance, muscle strength, and overall performance in horses.

ITPP Paste

ITPP (Inositol Trispyrophosphate) paste is a widely recognized performance-enhancing product for horses. It works by increasing oxygen-carrying capacity in the blood, enhancing stamina and reducing fatigue during intense physical activities. Our ITPP paste is sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring its authenticity and effectiveness.


Myo-inositol is a naturally occurring compound known for its various health benefits for both humans and horses. In horses, it is believed to improve insulin sensitivity, promote reproductive health, and support overall metabolic function. Our Myo-inositol products are of the highest quality, allowing you to provide the best care for your horses.

Order Today for Optimal Performance

Experience the remarkable benefits of ITPP paste and Myo-inositol by placing an order through our secure online store. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee prompt shipping and delivery. Give your horses the competitive edge they deserve by incorporating these exceptional products into their training and healthcare routines.


With Premier Horse Med, you gain access to a wealth of resources, professional veterinary services, high-quality horse equipment, and reliable information about horse racing. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience to our customers, helping you optimize the health, performance, and overall well-being of your horses. Explore our website today and discover why Premier Horse Med is the go-to destination for all your equine needs.

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