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Nov 1, 2023


Welcome to Prime Cane Corso, your premium destination for finding the perfect puppies and receiving reliable shipping services. We understand the importance of your furry companions and strive to provide the highest quality Pet Services, Veterinarians, and Animal Shelters to ensure their well-being. Our dedication to excellence sets us apart from others in the industry.

Find Your Dream Puppy

At Prime Cane Corso, we take great pride in offering a wide selection of exceptional puppies for sale. Whether you're looking for a loyal guard dog or a loving family pet, our diverse range of Cane Corso puppies will surely capture your heart.

Each of our puppies is carefully bred by experienced professionals who prioritize health, temperament, and breed standards. We work closely with reputable breeders to bring you puppies of exceptional quality and beauty. Our extensive screening process ensures that all our puppies come from healthy bloodlines and receive the best care from birth.

When you choose Prime Cane Corso, you can expect puppies that are well-socialized, vaccinated, and trained to adapt to new environments easily. Our team of experts is available to guide you in selecting the perfect puppy that matches your lifestyle and preferences.

Our commitment to delivering healthy and happy puppies has earned us the trust of countless satisfied customers. Their testimonials speak volumes about our dedication to providing top-quality Cane Corso puppies.

Shipping Services

Understanding that distance may sometimes separate you from your dream puppy, we offer reliable shipping services to ensure a seamless experience. Our team goes above and beyond to make transportation stress-free and safe for your new companion.

With Prime Cane Corso, you can rest assured that our shipping methods comply with all necessary regulations to ensure the well-being of your puppy during transit. We work with trusted carriers who specialize in animal transportation and prioritize the comfort and safety of our furry passengers.

From proper crate sizes and ventilation to temperature regulation, we leave no stone unturned in providing a comfortable journey for your puppy. We understand that their well-being is of utmost importance to you, and we treat them as if they were our own.

Pet Services

At Prime Cane Corso, we offer a range of comprehensive Pet Services to help you provide the best care for your canine companions. Our team of skilled veterinarians and animal caretakers is committed to ensuring the health and happiness of your furry friends.

From routine check-ups, vaccinations, and preventative care to advanced medical treatments and surgeries, our experienced veterinarians are well-equipped to handle any health concerns your pets may have. We believe in proactive healthcare to prevent diseases and provide a long and fulfilling life for your pets.

In addition to medical services, we also offer grooming, boarding, and training facilities. Our state-of-the-art grooming salons ensure your pets remain neat, clean, and healthy. Our spacious boarding facilities provide a safe and comfortable environment when you need to be away from home. Moreover, our professional trainers help build strong bonds and teach essential obedience skills to your furry companions.

Animal Shelters

Prime Cane Corso works closely with reputable Animal Shelters to support the rescue and adoption of dogs in need. We firmly believe in giving every dog a chance to find a loving and forever home. Our partnerships with these shelters allow us to connect you with amazing dogs that are looking for a second chance in life.

If you're considering adding a new member to your family, we encourage you to explore the adoption options available through our network of Animal Shelters. The joy of giving a rescued dog a fresh start is immeasurable, and you'll be amazed at the transformations they can undergo with love and care.


Prime Cane Corso strives to be your one-stop destination for all your puppy needs. With our premium selection of puppies for sale and reliable shipping services, we aim to make your journey toward finding the perfect companion enjoyable and stress-free. Our commitment to excellence in Pet Services, Veterinarians, and Animal Shelters ensures that your furry friends receive the best care possible.

Contact Prime Cane Corso today and begin your exciting journey toward finding a loving, loyal, and exceptional Cane Corso puppy. Experience the joy they bring to your life and create unforgettable memories together.

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Matthias Toberer
Great selection of premium Cane Corso puppies and reliable shipping services. Highly recommended!
Nov 8, 2023